A Beautiful Design

Our culture is always shifting. Society tells us who we should be as men and women, but its message keeps changing. However, the Bible teaches us exactly who we are—men and women created equally but uniquely. God’s beautiful design for us is true and perfect, leading to joy and human flourishing.

This 12-week, Bible-based study is for everyone: married or single, newly married or recently divorced. This is for you if you’re preparing to get married, trying to stay married, or just struggling to understand how God intends for men and women to relate to each other in the home, in the church, in the world.

Join us Sunday evenings beginning September 18 at 6:00pm to hear teachings by Matt Chandler (The Village Church, Dallas, Texas), with sessions and discussions led by Michael & Anne Marie Krahn, Jacob & Eva Froese and Dave & Susie Wiebe. There is a registration fee of $20/person. Childcare will be provided for children five and under. Contact the office to register (519-773-3374) or fill out the form below.