Aylmer Day Camp 2017

**Please note that registration for Day Camp 2017 is now closed.

July 3-7, 2017

All children going into grades 1-8 in September

Camp Barnabas (8717 Beattie Road, Straffordville, ON)

Grades 1-6: $40
Grades 7-8: $60
*financial assistance available for those unable to pay

Opens: Sunday, May 21
Deadline: Wednesday, June 14
Register online: www.aylmerdaycamp.com
Contact Aylmer EMMC: 519-773-3374, office@aemmc.ca
Download paper forms:
Camper Registration Form
Medical Consent Form (those registering online need to complete this form and bring along on the first day)

Dear Parent / Guardian,
Thank you for your interest in Day Camp 2017. We are looking forward to an excellent week of learning and fun!

Kids will discover not only that God made them the way they are, but for a purpose too. Maker Fun Factory is filled with incredible Bible-learning experiences kids see, hear, touch and even taste! Plus, we’ll help kids discover how to see evidence of God in everyday life.

Children will be welcomed and supervised throughout the day by group guides called shepherds. They will guide the campers from the worship and drama time to the teaching time, crafts, recreation and creative play.

Each day the campers will be served a delicious lunch made by our kitchen staff. Campers will also enjoy daily water activities and some wagon rides.

A person certified in First Aid and CPR will be on site at all times.

We ask that your kids come with sunscreen already applied.

Bus transportation will be provided from Aylmer, Straffordville and Mt. Salem only for those that need it.

We invite all parents and guests to come out to Camp Barnabas for the closing program on Friday, July 7 at 2:00pm. We will be accepting donations to go toward the cost of running Day Camp because our desire is to make it affordable for everyone.

If you have any questions, please contact us. Remember to register by Wednesday, June 14 to claim your spot! We hope to see you there!

Day Camp 2017 Planning Team

Spaghetti & Garlic Bread
Tuesday: Pulled Pork on a Bun
Wednesday: Tacos
Thursday: Hot dogs
Friday: Chili & Chips
*Menu may be subject to change.

Note: Due to the number of people to feed, we cannot cater to any dietary restrictions. Children with allergies or a special diet will need to bring their own lunch. Also, please note that this is not a nut free facility.



9:45-10:45 Gr. 1-2: Creative App
Gr. 3-4: Craft
Gr. 5-6: Teaching/Worship
10:45-11:45 Gr. 1-4: Teaching/Worship
Gr. 5-6: Rec
11:45-12:30 LUNCH
12:30-1:30 Gr. 1-2: Rec
Gr. 3-4: Creative App
Gr. 5-6: Craft
1:30-2:30 Gr. 1-2: Craft
Gr. 3-4: Rec
Gr. 5-6: Creative App
2:30-3:00 CLOSING

Buses are limited and are intended for children that have no other way of getting to Day Camp. If you are sending your children by bus, please be at the designated drop-offs at the set times.

BUS #1 – Skyler
8:45 – Assumption Catholic School
9:15 – Camp Barnabas

3:00 – Camp Barnabas
3:30 – Assumption Catholic School

BUS #2 – Decker
8:45 – Mount Salem EMC
9:00 – Straffordville Public School
9:15 – Camp Barnabas

3:00 – Camp Barnabas
3:15 – Straffordville Public School
3:30 – Mount Salem EMC

BUS #3 – Chewy
8:45 – Aylmer EMMC
9:15 – Camp Barnabas

3:00 – Camp Barnabas
3:20 – Aylmer EMMC


Water bottle with your name
Extra snacks if needed
Bathing suit and towel
Shoes for hiking


Those in grades 7-8 will have different activities throughout the week. On Thursday they will spend the day at Sand Hill Park in Port Burwell, then head back to Camp Barnabas for an exciting overnight camping adventure!

Things to bring on Thursday